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Our Online classes in English are ready for download!

Our new "start any time" class format lets you to take any class at any time. Choose one class or an entire series - it's up to you. If you'd like to get started now, email us and we'll set you up right away!


The acupressure and Five Element classes are the foundation of the program and we strongly recommend that you take them before you attend the Element classes listed below.

The Shiatsu course can be taken at any time during your studies.


Wood Element - Liver and Gallbladder Meridians
Fire Element A - Heart and Small Intestine Meridians
Earth Element - Spleen and Stomach Meridians
Metal Element - Lung and Large Intestine Meridians
Water Element - Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridians

Fire Element B - Pericardium and Triple Heater Meridians

Each of these Element classes covers an individual Element and its corresponding organ systems, acupoints, energetic healing techniques, training approaches, managing different temperaments, and living conditions.

The Element courses can be taken in ANY order, however, we suggest taking the Fire Element B as your last Element class.


Five Elements - Session Protocol
Five Elements - Your Acupressure

These two courses prepare you to work effectively with the Five Elements in a professional setting.

Note: "
Introduction to the Five Elements" is the prerequisite for "Session Protocol"

          "Session Protocol" is the prerequisite for "Your Acupressure Practice"


EnergyWork - Grounding
EnergyWork - Energy Clearing

These two courses introduce you to the basic concepts of EnergyWork including intuitive healing, grounding your energy and hands-on energetic techniques.

Note:  "Grounding" is the prerequisite for "Energy Clearing"


Basic Anatomy for Horses

Basic Anatomy for Dogs

Our anatomy classes make the rest of your studies easier and help you be a better body worker. These courses covers skeletal and muscular anatomy.

Note: If you have a background in anatomy, you may not be required to take the anatomy classes. Contact us for more details.


You must complete FOUR Electives to receive your certificate. We currently have two electives available. The remaining elective courses will become available in the future.

Available now

Acupressure for the Back and Hindquarters
Nurturing Vitality for Animals of All Ages

Future Electives
Acupressure for the Neck and Foreleg
Acupressure for Colic and other Digestive Issues
Acupressure for the Immune System
Acupressure for Relaxation
EnergyWork - Reading Energy
Acupressure for Canine Hip Dysplasia
Acupressure for Canine Epilepsy
Shiatsu Level Two for Dogs
Shiatsu Level Two for Horses


The exam is open to any student who has attended all of the required classes.

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